Plain Turki End-Curve 115 (Bidang 48)


Excellent quality

Limited Edition End-curve

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The outstanding Bawal Plain Turki is out with a new batch. This time its a new limited edition end-curve.

Bawal Plain Turki End-curve Limited Edition maintains the excellent quality of previous releases and when choosing what’s best for our bidadaries, we had to be selective.

The Bawal Plain Turki End-curve Limited Edition is both light and cool, making you look not just beautiful, but also confident and tidy anywhere, anytime.

The tried and tested Turkish Chiffon material adds on a breathtaking experience for the wearer. This material is exclusively made in Turkey, therefore its not just your typical chiffon, making sure that it exceeds your expectations.

The colours that are available are carefully chosen based on what our customers want, making it even harder for you to choose.

Bawal Plain Turki, exceed expectations.

Material: Turkish Chiffon
Edge seam: Hem roll (Baby seam)
Size: 115cm x 115cm +-2cm (Bidang 48)

Disclaimer : Colours may differ slightly due to lighting conditions, phone display, contrast and brightness settings.

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Pilihan Warna

101 Dark Blue, 102 Wild Blue, 103 Baby Blue, 104 Emerald, 105 Moss Green, 106 East Side, 107 Chantelle, 108 Martin, 109 Viola, 110 Baby Pink

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